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Rome, 09/29-10/01-2017

check here the Call for Artist! - deadline August 20th

GendErotica does not surrender!

We tried foundations, embassies, consulates, cultural institutions, sponsorships, calls, and the “Estate Romana” events.

In my entire life I seldom found myself believing in the value of something to the extent of being so stubborn in the face of adversities.

There will be no festival this year, and that’s a fact, as we are convinced that economical and organizational circumstances [o un più politico ‘conditions’ o un più legale ‘terms’] should enable everyone to work properly. Thanks to the chemistry with the Hacker Porn Film Festival we’re all working on a new event for late september bearing the brand [o ‘banner’ per dare un senso meno commerciale] of GendErotica , which will help with the funding and above all will keep the focus on everything GendErotica represents - on the premise that GendErotica wins by merely existing: on the synergies, and the community networks which arise, flourish, work regardless of heavy cultural, economic and social discrimination affecting gender non-conforming bodies, queer issues, alternative economies.

In 2017, supposedly the year of the fifth edition of the festival, get ready instead for QUEER INFECTION LAB. A place of performances, visual arts, figurative arts, and laboratories. Complete works, and also an attempt to share together knowledges, projects, artistic experiences, and collaborative art projects - also in the shape of site specific works, advices and consulting, tutoring, supervisions, exchanges of expertise, artistic joint ventures.

The networks are already engaged. We’re receiving support by the local communities of Pigneto. Keep in touch as things are already in motion and we’re preparing for a huge sparkling early autumn week-end.


GendErotica – contaminazioni di arte queer  is a project that started in 2009 and happens biannually. Year after year it is growing fast in terms of contents, artists, spaces, works and Italian premieres.

GendErotica is a real self-managed and self-produced festival that happens because of the steadfastness of Eyes Wild Drag and is supported by a network of associations, movements, collectives involved in a rich and imaginative exchange. There is also a collaboration with Teatro Valle Occupato and Nuovo Cinema Palazzo in 2013, where the festival edition was dedicated to queer femininity.

Taking place over three days, GendErotica presents shows, performance art, exhibits of photography, paintings and installations, screening of shorts and documentaries, workshops. The great majority of involved artists have never presented their work in Italy.

GendErotica aims to reflect on Gender representations from a queer perspective, redesigning the deconstruction map of genders from social, political, cultural and erotic point of view, and with an eye on what is happening around gender outside of Italy.

The initial inspiration for the festival was to build an event in which figurative and performance arts would ignite discussion about the queer body – through the senses, with joy and passion – refusing the claustrophobic and exhausting normative representations. A vital queer body speaking of freedom and the joy of transformation! We believe that a vital, political and artistic at the same time, assertive festival, like GendErotica , is a great chance to create alternative, non-aligned, non-commercialized new visionaries that reject and take position against the Gender binary and conformism to any mainstream system.

to know all details of the previous 4 editions, visit:

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