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pict by Claudia Papini


Look at the video by Valeriano Spirito

Look at the video by Roberto Massimiliani

Artistic Project and Direction: Senith

Kitchen Managed by: Nero&Paco, ChefFatica, Elena Dal Forno

Collective Dramaturgy and  performerr:

Alice Moon, Candy Paradise, Chapò, Creamynal, Electra, Marlene T, Senith

Erotic Lunch is also available for private venues and parties

Organize YOUR Erotic Lunch. Taste the Pleasure

For more than three years now, Erotic Lunch has staged incredibly fascinating multi-sensory, intimate, and captivating experiences.

This performative lunch is a magical trip through the absurd, grotesque, irresistible and joyful temptations of Eros. Bodies that meet, words which resound, and flavors that explode. Innocence and perversion which inebriate thoughts with their reflections. Images that shiver in an eternal desiring illusion.

The project, directed by Senith, one of GendErotica’s performance artists and art directors, presents a variety of interesting artists from Rome’s underground scene, and the diverse performance ranges from theatre to performance art, from burlesque to clownery, and from dance to body painting. The menu is prevalently vegetarian. The lunch, which is served in five courses, aims to gratify all the senses.

"Delicious, carefully presented dishes, selected readings, artworks, flickers of theatre, collective and individual engagements will allow Senith, director, actress and author of this art project, and each and every one from the company - shared between stage and cuisine - to penetrate in you and help you sail towards arousing desire, up where the erotic and flavors will be all the same and everything will be trimmed to a single word: pleasure.." (Salotto Erotico Italiano - aprile 2017)

Booking compulsary 

Erotic Lunch has born as Eyes Wild Drag project

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