Drag is aesthetics, a form of art, it is playing with stereotypes, it is social critique. Drag is a way toperform masculinity and femininity, regardless of our own gender. Drag is body, and bodiessometimes provoke morbid curiosity, vertigo, annoyance, fear. Bodies transform themselves, theysmell, take up, invade, penetrate, dress and undress. What about those bodies that don’t hidethemselves? Are they disturbing? No, they contaminate.

Let’s contaminate!

In Senith’s style, you’ll discover a very personal story of a 10 years-long drag performer. We could say Drag Queer.. Nor King, nor Queen, but In Between. The performance is contaminated by style, ages, show genres and, of course, by Gender...

Among Wigs, Moustaches, Paillettes, Ombretta Colli, Viragos, Fems, Revolutions and Dreams, you’ll discover a passionate love story.

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